Bird Boxes

Our range of natural, wooden bird boxes are handmade in the UK and feature high-quality thick wooden panels ensuring that they will last for years. Green Feathers bird boxes are purpose-designed to provide a safe habitat for our flying friends and mount our easy-to-install bird box cameras, capturing one-of-a-kind wildlife footage. Large or small, or paint your own, we have the perfect resting spots for your winged visitors.
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Discover bird boxes

Create the perfect home in your garden for your flying friends to rest their wings, with our Green Feathers wooden handmade bird boxes.  Built to be a safe space away from predators, like the domestic cat, wooden bird boxes come in all shapes and sizes to fit the tiny goldcrest to the majestic tawny owl. Mount on a bird box camera to see what nestlings are hiding away in there! 

Why choose our bird boxes

Green Feathers is passionate about protecting the wildlife in our gardens, and as the UK’s leading supplier of wildlife and bird-watching cameras, we know the importance of giving our winged visitors a safe space to rest and be observed. Whether it’s owl-watching or a fun activity with the kids, we have the perfect bird boxes to suit every garden. 

Frequently asked questions about bird boxes

Where is the best place to put a bird box?

The best place to put your bird box is mounted in a tree, facing between north and east. This will protect visiting birds from direct sunlight, wind and rain, creating a safe and comfortable environment for any growing nestlings or tired birds inside. We also recommend slightly tilting the bird box down, allowing for any trapped rain to filter out. 

What time of year should you put up a bird box?

Whilst bird boxes can be put up any time of year, the best time is between November and December. This is because many native UK species of birds will start looking for nesting spaces as early as January - allowing your bird box to be their new home during nesting season later into spring. Add on a bird box camera to see the nestlings in action before they come! 

H3: How do you attract birds to your new bird box?

The best way to attract birds to your new bird box is to make your garden as bird-friendly as possible. This includes planting native greenery, providing a water source (such as a birdbath), installing bird feeders around your bird box and leaving the bird box empty for birds to naturally create a nest inside.