Hedgehog Box Cameras

Get up close and personal with the hedgehogs in your garden with our easy-to-install Green Feathers hedgehog box cameras. Install your hedgehog box Wi-Fi enabled or wired camera inside one of our high-quality handmade Hedgehog Boxes and feeding stations to watch them nibble away from anywhere with your smartphone or from a screen in the comfort of your home.

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Discover hedgehog box cameras 

Hedgehog box feeders not only provide a safe and secure environment for your local hedgehogs to snuggle and sniffle away, but also a way for you to observe them as they do. With our easy-to-install Wi-Fi and wired cameras inside handmade wooden shelters protect hedgehogs from both the elements and predators, allowing you to watch them in 1080p HD. 

Why choose our hedgehog box cameras 

As wildlife-watching fanatics and the UK’s leading supplier of wildlife cameras, it’s no shock that we don’t just stop at bird-watching cameras. We know that the best way to observe wildlife is to make a conscious effort to protect it too, and that’s the habitat we provide for your hedgehog viewing. 

Frequently asked questions about hedgehog box cameras

Are Wi-Fi or wired cameras better?

This depends on where you are at night! As hedgehogs are nocturnal, the type of camera best suited for you will depend on where you are. 

If you’d like night-long access to your camera, whether you’re on the night shift, on holiday or wandering around the house, Wi-Fi enabled hedgehog box cameras will be far more accessible for you. However, if you’re planning to sit down and observe your hedgehogs as part of your nightly routine, a wired hedgehog box camera to a TV or monitor can be cheaper and still suitable. 

How can I watch hedgehogs at night?

As hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, you need specific technology to watch them get up to mischief at night. Our cameras use night-vision LEDs with invisible infrared lights so that you can observe your local hedgehogs in the dark, without disturbing them. 

What time of night are hedgehogs most active? 

In the UK, hedgehogs are active during the dark hours. You may begin to see them crawling out of their habitats after dusk, but they get most active once the sky is completely dark. Before daylight hours approach, hedgehogs will go back into the habitat until night again. Hedgehogs out in daylight may be injured, pregnant, or mother hedgehogs searching for food. 

During the autumn and winter months, do not be alarmed that you can’t see your hedgehogs. Hedgehogs hibernate from October/November through to March/April. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have a hedgehog hibernate in your box!