Bird Box & Wildlife Camera Cables

From industrial batteries to BNC visual audio leads, our wide range of cables and power supplies are designed to create the perfect, secure connection between you and your bird box and wildlife cameras. Don’t let nature pass you by, because you suddenly lost power to your cameras - keep stock of what your kit depends on.
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Discover bird box and wildlife camera cables

Never lose connection or power to your bird box and wildlife cameras again, thanks to our spare and additional Green Feathers cables and power supplies. Don’t be put off by a long-lived wire and the fear of having to replace your entire set up - simply find the lead you need, here. 

Why choose our bird box and wildlife camera cables?

We wouldn’t be the UK’s leading bird box and wildlife camera supplier if we didn’t know a thing or two about their cables and power leads. Trust that we have everything you need for the perfect wildlife watching tech set-up! 

Frequently asked questions about bird box and wildlife camera cables

Can you put a camera in a bird box?

Of course you can! All you need is one of our Green Feathers bird box camera kits. Install a camera inside your bird box today and connect via Wi-Fi, wireless transmission or wired connection to watch your winged friends nest away. 

How are bird box cameras powered?

Bird box cameras can be powered in multiple different ways. Some of our cameras are powered using solar power and back-up battery power, such as our Solar Powered WiFi Bird Box HD Camera. However, we also have mains-powered bird box cameras, like our Bird Box Camera with Wireless Transmission Starter Pack.

What are the disadvantages of wireless cameras?

Though loved by many, with a major advantage of being able to wildlife watch wherever you are, via livestream, the main disadvantage of wireless cameras is that you cannot always depend on the connection. With Wi-Fi and wireless transmission, if the signal drops or is blocked, you will temporarily lose access to your live streamed footage until the issue is resolved. 

Other disadvantages include limited range of distance from the camera to the connecting screen and price, as wireless cameras tend to be more expensive than their wired counterparts.