Camera Display & Audio Accessories

Looking for the best accessories to access your Green Feathers bird box and wildlife camera footage? Whether you’re looking to enhance visuals with a bird box LED light or store footage in a Mini HD recorder, we have all the leads, cables and more to create the best bird and wildlife watching experience - all from the comfort of your home! Upgrade your camera audio and visuals, today.
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Discover camera display and audio accessories

Green Feathers camera display and audio accessories make filming and watching bird and wildlife footage the ultimate experience. Upgrade your bird box and wildlife camera kits to make wildlife watching completely accessible to your devices - wherever you are. 

Why choose our camera display and audio accessories?

As the UK’s leading supplier of wildlife and bird box cameras, we know a thing or two about how they work and what you need. Trust that our experts have the best display and audio accessories for the best wildlife viewing experience. 

Frequently asked questions about camera display and audio accessories?

Do wildlife cameras record sounds?

This will depend on which wildlife camera you purchase, as not all wildlife cameras support audio recording. If you’d like to access audio footage, as well as visuals, we recommend our WiFi Outdoor Bird Box & Wildlife HD Camera, which has a built-in microphone. Remember to check the specifications of your camera before purchasing. 

What is the difference between a security camera and a wildlife camera?

Security cameras are often mounted high on the exterior of your home, plugged into mains electricity and provide 24/7 rolling footage. Wildlife cameras, like our Garden Wildlife Trail Camera HD, are placed low on the ground to capture animals, with motion detection built-in to only record when animals are nearby. These are usually battery or solar powered, reducing the need for wires and constant electrical connection. 

Do wildlife cameras need Wi-Fi to access footage?

No, not all wildlife cameras need a Wi-Fi connection to view the live or recorded footage. Whilst Wi-Fi connection is preferred by some, so that they can view the live stream wherever they are, other cameras can rely on wireless transmission, like our Bird Box & Wildlife Camera with Wireless Transmission, or wired connection, such as our HD Cable Connection Bird Box & Wildlife Camera