Wildlife Cameras

Garden wildlife cameras are the perfect way to watch local for watching wildlife in your own backyard back garden. Our easy-to-install Green Feathers bird box and wildlife trail cameras are designed to help you capture footage of native creatures. Available through Wi-Fi, wireless and wired connections, you can wildlife-watch wherever you are. 

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Discover wildlife cameras 

Dusk to dusk, our easy-to-install wired, wireless and Wi-Fi enabled wildlife cameras can help you capture footage of a variety of native animals, such as hedgehogs, foxes, badgers, rabbits and more. With effective night vision and wide ranges, our wildlife cameras provide high-definition video of every furry friend that enters your garden, all day every day. 

Why choose our wildlife cameras 

As the UK’s leading wildlife and bird camera suppliers, you can count on our expert knowledge to capture all the native wildlife that visits your garden. From bird box cameras to garden wildlife trail cameras, we have everything possible for your wildlife-watching needs.

Frequently asked questions about wildlife cameras

Are wired or Wi-Fi enabled wildlife cameras better?

Each type of camera has different benefits to meet your varied needs! 

Wi-Fi wildlife cameras allow you easy access via the exclusive Green Feathers app to watch your garden, wherever you are. Wired wildlife cameras, on the other hand, require you to connect your camera to a TV, monitor or computer in order to access the footage - perfect for a cosy night in; really taking in all the little visitors you have coming by. 

Our wildlife trail cameras give you the best of both worlds! They allow you to place your camera anywhere, with up to 6 months of battery life with just AA batteries, and collect at a later time. With infrared vision, you can capture day and night wildlife footage and then upload the content onto your computer to watch. 

What is the difference between a wildlife camera and a security camera?

Security cameras often take 24-hour footage of the area and are much more obvious than wildlife cameras. They also need to be mounted high up, and usually connected to mains power. Alternatively, wildlife cameras are typically designed with motion detection instead, allowing you to capture key wildlife footage on a camera that blends into its surroundings - wherever you find best to place it. 

What wildlife is common in a UK garden?

Along with the common grey squirrel and the domestic cat, most of the furry friends visiting our gardens are rather less obvious than visiting birds. Hedgehogs, badgers and red foxes are often nocturnal visitors popping into your garden on the hunt for food. However, you could expect others, such as the wood mouse, bank vole and common shrew (depending on your area), which are easily overlooked and small to notice.