Our Story

Since 2010 we've been designing and building the best bird box cameras and wildlife cameras to help you bring nature indoors.

Team Green Feathers

We are Team Green Feathers, working hard on designing and building the best for you to enjoy watching nature. We supply wildlife cameras that you can watch from the comfort of your lounge or when you’re away from the house. Besides adoring and caring for our planet with its beautiful animals, we also believe a happy customer experience is very important.  

Who are Green Feathers?

Here at Green Feathers, we love wildlife, but we’re also loud and clumsy. That used to mean the wonderful creatures in our gardens would scarper before we could admire them properly. Covering ourselves with feathers didn’t help (and proved very itchy). Plus, we were getting chilly outside. 

We quite like building things, so we decided to go inside and make some cameras. Wide-angle lenses to capture everything? Check. True-to-life colour for crisp, clear daytime images rather than pixellated pigeons? Check. Night vision for when it gets dark? Check. That last one made us realise we might need sleep sometimes, so we added an SD card slot and recorded the action while we were only dreaming about doves. 

Once we’d done all that, nature wasn’t running away all of a sudden! What’s more, we got to keep warm and dry while we watched the frolicking finches, scurrying squirrels and happy (or happily hibernating) hedgehogs. 

Apparently, other people love staying comfy and seeing nature in high definition too. So we started sharing our creations. We’re now the leading supplier of bird box and wildlife cameras in the UK. We’ve been crafting these digital windows to the wild for more than thirteen years, and we’re not stopping anytime soon! 

Meet The Team!


James Ewens

eCommerce Director

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Operations Director

Sales & Customer Service

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Helping you bring nature indoors

We’ve spent more than 13 years designing and building the best bird box cameras and wildlife cameras to help you bring nature indoors. You can choose the right way for you to watch all the animal activity in your garden: TV, tablet or smartphone. We also sell a range of UK-made bird boxes and wildlife habitats to mount your camera in.

Live feeds via our Green Feathers app

We’ve developed our official Green Feathers app so you can get the best experience out of our WiFi cameras. You can even upload your highlights to YouTube and share them with friends and family.

Our cameras are small and mighty

Our super-compact cameras are small enough to be discreetly mounted in any wooden bird box or wildlife habitat without disturbing its residents. Each camera has a wide-angle lens so you don’t miss any wildlife comings and goings; in-built audio to hear every chirp and rustle; true-to-life colour for crisp, clear daytime images, and night vision kicks in when it’s dark so you won’t miss any nocturnal action.

UK Wildlife Specialists

When it comes to watching wildlife, we’re no birdbrains. As the UK’s leading supplier of birdbox and wildlife cameras, we’ve spent well over a decade designing and building ways for you to discover which creatures call your garden ‘chirp’, ‘squeak’ or ‘snuffle’ (translation: home).

Begin your birdwatching journey

Explore the wonders of the avian world from the comfort of your home, and let nature's beauty unfold before your very eyes. Order your birdbox camera now and embark on an awe-inspiring adventure into the realm of birds!.

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