Handmade Wooden Bird Feeding Station


Handmade Wooden Bird Feeding Station


Product Code: BFBRA

Want to mount up a bird feeder with a camera monitoring close by? This sturdy wooden bird feeding station mount is perfect! Simply hang up a bird feeder with the supplied hook and mount one of our outdoor cameras to get a close-up experience from the comfort of your own home.

This pairs up nicely with our outdoor bird feeder camera to form our bird feeder camera kit.

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Outdoor Bird Feeder Mount
Designed for attaching our waterproof camera and hanging up a bird feeder (not included) for watching visiting feeding birds up close.

Wooden Bird Feeding Station
The Bird Feeder Station acts as both a mount for the camera and a surface from which to hang a bird feeder.

FSC Certified
Made from sustainably sourced wood.

Made in the UK
Handmade by the artisans in Riverside Woodcraft's UK workshop.

Thick Wooden Panels
Built from sturdy, thick wood, significantly for more long-lasting durability.