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Living On The Hedge

Living On The Hedge

It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week! High time for an, ahem, HedgeBlog. All Hail The Hedgehog: these spiky dollops are one of the most popular garden vis...
Swift, Swallow Or Martin?<br/> How To Swiftly Tell The Difference

Swift, Swallow Or Martin?
How To Swiftly Tell The Difference

Summer Is Coming. It really is. Even if the weather has been all over the place lately. But give it another two months, and it will be, to quote DJ...
How's It Hangin'? – Eight Tips For Placing Your Bird Box Just Right

How's It Hangin'? – Eight Tips For Placing Your Bird Box Just Right

We love receiving our customers' images and videos of the latest eggciting happenings that take place inside their bird nest boxes. But sometimes w...

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Watch Wildlife in your Garden

See your garden in a whole new light with our range of wildlife cameras. These make perfect gifts for nature lovers, friends and family alike. Discover the wildlife in your very own garden with our cameras so you can capture birds, hedgehogs and more without harming them or disturbing their habitat!

Bird Box Cameras

Our popular range of bird box cameras allow you to get a unique insight of bird life. By installing our tiny cameras into a bird box you can watch birds nesting in the spring and bringing up the next generation of fledglings into the world. Our latest HD cameras allow you to keep an eye on your feathered visitors remotely on your smartphone or tablet so you don't miss a moment!