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Late Nesters

Late Nesters

Now that you have your bird box hanging neatly on your garden wall or tree, you might feel a tad deflated with summer in full bloom and no egg in sight. Maybe you’ve already followed a beautiful blue tit family in there, from eggs to fledglings. Or perhaps you haven’t had any bird box visitors at all yet! It’s nice to watch birds flying around the feeder and all, but hearing some new nestling chitters sure would be nice.. 

Birrrd up! It’s not too late! Don’t give up on your nest box just yet. The coal, great, and blue tits may have flown by now, but there are still some late nesters to look out for. Discover which new bird broods you can expect in July and August and how you can attract and help them!

Living On The Fledge: What To Do With Our Flailing Fledglings

Living On The Fledge: What To Do With Our Flailing Fledglings

Fledgling Coal Tit Image source: our awesome customer Joanna Macdiarmid! It can be bittersweet for you as feathered-family fosterers, when you’ve s...
What To Get Pops This Year?

What To Get Pops This Year?

What to get Papa Bear for Father's Day? Check out all our lovely gift ideas, from discounted bird box cameras and hedgehog houses to chocolate and a bag of chips.

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