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Swift Awareness Week

Swift Awareness Week

The week of 16th—23rd June 2018 is the first national Swift Awareness Week. There are events around the country organised by local Swift groups to...
Supporting Wildstream TV

Supporting Wildstream TV

We have teamed up with Wildstream TV, who have embarked on an exciting adventure creating online films of wildlife up close using remote IP cameras...
Closewatch Wildlife Cameras Has Flown the Nest

Closewatch Wildlife Cameras Has Flown the Nest

Exciting times as Green Feathers announces their takeover of Closewatch Wildlife Cameras from Roger Chilcott. Roger has been a pioneer in wildlife ...

About Green Feathers

Watch wildlife in your garden

See your garden in a whole new light with our wildlife cameras. These make an ideal gifts for nature lovers, friends and family. There is something special about having the ability to watch wildlife in our own backyards. More important than being able to watch them is to ensure that our actions doesn’t cause the wildlife any distress.

Our popular range of bird box cameras allow you to get a unique insight of bird life. By installing our tiny cameras into a nest box you can watch birds nesting in the spring and bringing up the next generation of fledglings into the world. Our latest HD cameras allow you to keep an eye on your feathered visitors remotely on your smartphone or tablet so you don't miss a moment!