Bird Box Cameras

Our easy-to-install Green Feathers bird box cameras give you everything you need to watch the birds in your garden. With a range of Wi-Fi, wireless and wired connections, Install a bird box camera in your nest box, birdhouse, bird bath or bird feeder, to watch the birds in your garden without disturbing them. 

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Discover bird box cameras

Choose a bird box with a camera kit included for an all-in-one solution to your bird-watching needs, or get a single bird box camera to install in a bird box of your own. Easy-to-install Wi-Fi, wireless and wired cameras provide high-definition footage through 1080p HD or 4K cameras.

Why choose our bird box cameras

At Green Feathers, when it comes to watching wildlife, we’re no bird-brains. As the UK’s leading supplier of wildlife cameras, we’ve dedicated years to designing the highest-quality cameras and habitats; helping you keep an eye on the flying friends that visit your garden.

Frequently asked questions about bird box cameras

Is a wired or wireless connection better?

Wireless bird box cameras can generally broadcast to your TV or monitor at a maximum distance of up to 30 metres away. Some long-range wireless cameras can have a distance up to 1200 metres, allowing you a further range to bird-watch no matter the size of your garden. 

Wired bird box cameras, on the other hand, depending on which camera you purchase, can have up to 60 metres of distance from your network cable. 

If you’re happy, and it is safe to do so, you can have wires running through your garden toa more stable connection and have a generally further range of bird-watching vision with wired bird box cameras. However, if you’d prefer to keep your garden wire-free, there are options to get as much range as you can with wireless cameras.  

How are bird box cameras powered?

Bird box cameras can be powered in several ways. Generally, bird box cameras are connected to mains power through a cable. However, there are options to get solar powered bird box cameras, should you not have appropriate connections or want to be a little more eco-friendly in your bird watching.

Can I connect my bird box camera to my smartphone or smart TV?

Many of our bird box cameras, including Wi-Fi, wired and wireless connections can all transmit footage over onto your smartphone or smart TV via an app. More common in Wi-Fi bird box cameras, you can connect to your camera through the official Green Feathers app to watch your bird footage live, wherever you are.