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Give the Gift of Nature - Christmas Gift Guide 2020
With Christmas just around the corner we wanted to curate a list of our top products to help you decide what to buy your loved ones this year... or even just to add to your wish list. From Bird Box Cameras, to Hedgehog Cameras.
What Should I Feed the Birds in my Garden?
What should I feed the birds in my garden? Well that all depends on the type of birds you are seeing. This blog post will cover the most common garden visitors and their favourite foods so you can ensure that your bird table gets a 5 star rating.
What Can I Do to Help Hedgehogs?
The Hedgehog population in the last 10 years has decreased by a third. So what can we do to help hedgehogs and stop their numbers decreasing? Follow our helpful list in this blog post.
Hedgehog Friendly Campus - University of Birmingham
In this blog post, we learnt all about Hedgehog Friendly Campuses, directly from the University of Birmingham who have recently been awarded their Bronze award. What...
Bird of the Month - Kestrel
In this blog post series, we will be looking at a different bird every month to learn a little bit more about the birds we see...
How Do I Attract Hedgehogs into my Garden?
The hedgehog is one of the UK's favourite garden wildlife but for many, it is seldom seen. Though the hedgehog is widely distributed across much of...
Bird of the Month - Robin
In this blog post series, we will be looking at a different bird every month to learn a little bit more about the birds we see...
All Things Nest Box: National Nest Box Week
National Nest Box Week takes place between the 14 and 21 February every year. It was established in 1997 by the British Trust for Ornithology and...
Our #BigGardenBirdWatch Results 2020
Last week we took part in the RSPB's Big Garden Bird Watch and we wanted to let you know how we got on.We took part in...
How to Care for Birds During Storms.
Storm Brendan is wreaking havoc, wheelie bins are being blown down the street, and the great British public is considering trading their cars in for boats....
Bird of the Month - Blue Tit
In this blog post series, we will be looking at a different bird every month to learn a little bit more about the birds we see...
Christmas Gift Guide 2019
This blog post will talk you through our amazing products to give you some great gift ideas or a better understanding of what we offer.
Cleaning Your Bird Box
Should you clean a nest box? Is it necessary to empty a bird's nesting box if it's no longer in use? When are you allowed to open a bird box, will it not disturb wildlife? What is the best way to clean a bird box? Find out all about when and how to clean your bird box with our handy step-by-step picture guide.
Where Are Your Garden Birds? Why Do They Look So Scruffy Lately?
You may have noticed that the birds in your garden look rather scruffy at the moment. Why do they look like they've just come out of...
What Do Hedgehogs Eat? What are the Best Foods for Hedgehogs?
Hedgehogs are the Homer Simpsons of the animal world. They will munch on just about anything. But some commonly fed treats are actually really bad for them. Find out what hedgehogs should eat and which foods are not healthy for them, and explore lots of tips on how to care for hedgehogs.
Which Birds Nest In Late Summer?

Don’t give up on your bird box just yet. The coal, great, and blue tits may have flown by now, but there are still some late nesters to look out for. Discover which new bird broods you can expect in July, August and September and how you can attract and help them!

Living On The Fledge: What To Do With Our Flailing Fledglings
Fledgling Coal Tit Image source: our awesome customer Joanna Macdiarmid! It can be bittersweet for you as feathered-family fosterers, when you’ve spent weeks lovingly watching baby blue...
What To Get Pops This Year?
What to get Papa Bear for Father's Day? Check out all our lovely gift ideas, from discounted bird box cameras and hedgehog houses to chocolate and a bag of chips.
10 Facts About Hedgehogs & How To Help Them
It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week! High time for a HedgeBlog. All Hail The Hedgehog: these spiky dollops are one of the most popular garden visitors with our...
Swift, Swallow Or Martin? How To Swiftly Tell The Difference
Summer Is Coming. It really is. Even if the weather has been all over the place lately. But give it another two months, and it will...
How's It Hangin'? – Eight Tips For Placing Your Bird Box Just Right
We love receiving our customers' images and videos of the latest eggciting happenings that take place inside their bird nest boxes. But sometimes we also receive...