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Which Bird Box Camera Is Best For You?

Which Bird Box Camera Is Best For You?

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Lets Find Your Ideal Camera For A Bird Box

At Green Feathers, we’ve tried to make it as accessible as possible for people of all backgrounds to watch birds nesting. We also understand that by offering a wide range, it can be overwhelming or just outright confusing for some in finding the suitable product for them. So we’ve put together this little guide to hopefully simplify the process and make your decision that much easier.

What We’ll Be Covering?

Today we’ll going over 3 different Bird Box Camera options, including their individual features and who we think they suit best.

Entry Level

Bird Box Camera for TV with Wired Connection

Starting a new hobby can be a daunting experience, especially in today’s cost of living crisis people are more hesitant than ever to invest their hard earned money in something new. This wired bird box camera is aimed at giving people the opportunity to get involved at a bargain price compared to similar products elsewhere in the market. It also serves as a great gift for introducing friends or family into bird watching, both in terms of setup and cost. It works by a standard wired connection, allowing you to showcase those nesting birds on your TV for all to see.

Bird Box Camera TV Connection - £50

Key Features

  • Watch birds nesting live on your TV through a simple wired connection.

  • Cable produces interference-free images.

  • Won’t find a similar price for a wired bird box camera anywhere else

Best All Rounder

WiFi Bird Box Camera Lifestyle Photo

Our most popular nesting camera for giving bird watchers the best experience possible. For those looking to get the full Green Feathers experience straight away, or even upgrade from our cheaper option. We mentioned earlier, about making bird watching accessible and this product takes it one step further. The main benefit the WiFi Bird Box Camera provides, is being able to watch whilst you’re on the move. Simply pair the camera with your preferred device (iPhone, Android, Tablet) using our Green Feathers app. A great option for those who often find themselves away from their home and don’t want to miss out.

WiFi Bird Box Camera 3rd Gen - £149

Key Features

  • WiFi Connectivity. Less wires, less problems.

  • Watch Live or Recorded Footage on your Smartphone or Tablet

  • Easy to add extra cameras, allowing multiple viewing options in the app

  • Stream your live feed online on platforms such as YouTube

  • Built in Microphone making sure you hear absolutely everything

For Only The Biggest Enthusiasts

WiFi Bird Box Camera Ultimate Bundle

Go Big or Go Home. We’ve already offered the best viewing experience possible and the Ultimate Bundle is the icing on the cake. For those who want to truly invest in their passion. This takes the 3rd Gen WiFI Bird Box Camera and adds on incredible accessories to put your Bird Box in a league of its own. Such as a Daytime LED Lamp, which improves image quality during the day, whilst automatically disabling itself at night-time in order to not disturb the chicks or hoglets sleep cycle.

WiFi Bird Box Camera Ultimate Bundle - £239

Key Features

  • Everything included with the 3rd Gen WiFi Bird Box Camera.

  • Deluxe Wooden Bird Box providing a lovely abode for your birds.

  • Daytime LED Lamp giving better image quality during daytime hours.

  • MicroSD Card included for recording and storing footage.

  • Pack of 3 Stainless Steel Cover Plates for shaping the box entry hole to your ideal bird size.

Maybe you need more assistance?

Hopefully we’ve made your choice simple and helped you find the perfect Nest Box Camera for you or your desired recipient’s needs. If you think you’ve decided, be sure to check-out the individual product’s page for its full tech specifications and even a tutorial video to confirm everything is all sweet. If you’re still stuck though, we’d recommend heading over to our Bird Box Camera Chooser Quiz. With just a few quick answers from you we’ll do all the heavy thinking to find you the perfect nesting camera. With that said, they are really great value for their listing, so whichever you land on you’ll be in safe hands. We’ll also be there to support you post purchase with any questions that arise in setting up your nest box camera.

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