12V 1A DC UK Power Supply – 3 Metre Cable

12V 1A DC UK Power Supply – 3 Metre Cable


Product Code: 12V10GB213M

This UK power supply provides a 12-volt DC power supply for some of our cameras, such as our WiFi Bird Box Camera. This power supply comes with a longer 3 metre of cable, with our bird box cameras in mind. Please note that this power supply provides a maximum DC current of 1A and has a jack size of 2.1mm.

Please ensure you know this is the correct power supply for your device before purchasing.

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Voltage: 12V
Cable length: 3m
Max. Current: 1A
Jack size: 2.1mm (inner diameter) × 5.5mm (outer diameter) 
Country: UK (3-pin)
Rated: CE