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Give the Gift of Nature - Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Give the Gift of Nature - Christmas Gift Guide 2020

With Christmas just around the corner we wanted to curate a list of our top products to help you decide what to buy your loved ones this year... or even just to add to your wish list.

Fantastic Feasting Feeding Station Cameras

At the top of all our lists this year is our newest release: our bird feeder camera kit. This camera kit is waterproof and can be paired with a feeder to watch your garden birds enjoying their buffet of nuts and seeds you have provided. This camera can be viewed on your TV so from the cosy comfort of your home with a cuppa you can see what your feathered friends are getting up to. You can buy the camera with a feeding station that mounts the camera and a feeder, or you can purchase the camera on its own.

Shop Our Bird Feeder Camera

Brilliant Bird Box Cameras

To pair with our feeder camera, our bird box camera kits allow you to see in to the hidden world of our feathered friends by showing us inside their nest boxes. We have several options for our bird box cameras to suit ever budget, and garden. We have options for watching on your TV, phone, tablet and computer.

Shop Our Bird Box Camera Range


Handsome Hedgehog Habitat Cameras


If our prickly friends the hedgehog are more your cup of tea, then one of our hedgehog box cameras is a perfect gift idea. These cameras are perfectly designed for our nocturnal friends as you can watch back the footage in the morning through an app on your phone to see what night time adventures they got up to.

Shop Our Hedgehog Box Cameras

Wonderful Wildlife WiFi Cameras 

If you are lucky enough to have bigger mammals visiting your garden, like foxes, and badgers, and want to capture their midnight feast on your patio we would recommend taking a look at our WiFi Wildlife Camera. These can be screwed in to a wall or fence and pointed at the area where your buffet takes place. The videos will then be available to enjoy from an app on your phone.

Shop Our WiFi Wildlife Camera

Confused about Cameras?

If you're not sure what type of camera you want and need, we have worked hard this year on creating a camera chooser quiz for you to help you find the perfect one for you or for your loved one.

Take Our Camera Chooser Quiz

Homely Habitats

 If cameras aren't for you but you do want to give the gift of nature this year, our wildlife habitats are a perfect gift for your loved one, and for local wildlife. From hedgehog houses, to bird boxes, we have a large selection that are handmade in the UK.

Shop Our Wildlife Habitats

We'd love to know what's on your wishlist this year so please do get in touch on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

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