Aviary Camera Kit with 2 1080p HD IP Cameras and NVR


Product Code: 2NCIP2

Caring for animals and can't get enough of the little critters? Want to make sure you have the best view, day or night, without disturbing them? Say no more. This is the kit.

Our Green Feathers line of HD wildlife cameras is the culmination of years of experience selling and designing bespoke CCTV systems for bird boxes, nesting houses and breeders. This aviary camera kit uses two of these specialist devices, along with a network video recorder and all of the cabling required to get it up and running. It's a complete solution for monitoring your birds in a large cage, small aviary or pigeon loft, and lets you check up on them wherever you are using a PC, phone or tablet.

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Aviary Camera Kit
Purpose-designed all-in-one kit to monitor birds in an aviary, cage or loft. Also great for terrariums, rabbit runs, or any other small animal enclosure

Green Feathers Cameras
Includes two tiny IP cameras designed specifically for use in bird boxes and for nature observation

HD video
Despite their small size, cameras record in 1080p HD, with enough resolution to make out fine details such as feathers

Night Vision
Invisible IR LEDs provide recording after dark without a red glow that could disturb animals. Night vision works up to around 1-metre range

True Colour
Uses the same IR filters as high-end CCTV cameras to ensure that daylight images have vivid, accurate colour

Wide-Angle Lens
2.8mm lens records everything in a 103° field of view in front of the camera, perfect for cramped spaces

Built-in Microphone
Records audio as well as video from inside the enclosure

Cat5 Cables
Kit includes 20m cabling for each camera, enough to run back to the recorder from a garden

Network Video Recorder
Includes HD NVR to connect and power the cameras

Power Over Ethernet
NVR sends power down the network cables, preventing the need to run separate power supplies into the cage

Remote Access
NVR connects to your router, allowing you to configure viewing from anywhere using a mobile device or PC

Hard Drive Bay
Add a hard drive to the kit to allow recording and storage of multiple weeks' worth of footage. When added to the kit at the time of purchase, we will make sure the kit ships with the hard drive pre-installed

Motion Detection
When set up for recording with a hard drive, you can easily configure motion detection and scheduling to automate recording

VGA & HDMI Output
Recorder can easily be plugged into a TV or monitor to watch footage in HD locally

4-Channel Recorder
System can easily be expanded with up to 2 extra cameras