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Our customers don’t just enjoy watching birds, bees, and badgers. One of the most popular garden visitors are hedgehogs, and we’re not surprised. What could be more comforting, when you’re feeling a bit prickly, than having these fluffy spiky friends pottering about?

Unfortunately, wild populations are quickly declining. One of the biggest threats is the loss of habitat. Because setting up a hedgehog box is a great way to protect them, and we want these quirky creatures to keep happily scurrying and snuffling about, we’ve teamed up with the talented artisans at Riverside Woodcraft to put together this custom-designed box, ideal for any grassy garden. It can be used all year round, is perfect for hibernation, and can function as a feeder as well.

For proper “living on the hedge”, this cosy hedgehome offers a staggered entrance, making it harder for larger, unwanted visitors to gain entrance. It’s also built with a sloping roof for water drainage, along with additional grooves on top of the side panels. The eco-friendly roof is made of 18mm composite recycled materials, with the added benefit of being completely waterproof and rot-proof. The lid is hinged and lockable. Ventilation is provided by a clog-proof, long, narrow, 3mm gap under the roof along the front.

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Wooden Hedgehog House

Sturdy wooden box, designed specifically for providing a durable habitat for wild hedgehogs. Handmade with thick, specially treated solid timber for better insulation

Weatherproof and Eco-Friendly

18mm solid recycled plastic eco-roof, fully waterproof, gently sloping to ensure water drains off quickly. Underside grooves stop water coming in 

FSC Certified

Made from sustainably sourced FSC Mix timber

Strong and Durable

Panelling is significantly thicker than most wildlife habitats, providing extra durability. All parts are torx-screwed together, making it a very strong and well-built home

Hinged Roof

Hinged roof makes it easy to clean, and check on the hedgehogs

Safe and Secure

Locked roof ensures protection from strong winds and predators. Staggered baffle entrance makes it hard for any predators to gain access

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Hedgehog house

Speedy delivery of a lovely hedgehog house. Within 3 days at least one had paid a visit.

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