Hedgehog Care Starter Pack

Hedgehog Care Starter Pack



This Hedgehog Care Starter Pack has everything you need to accommodate hedgehogs in your garden with your camera-mounted nest box. Featuring high-quality products designed for hedgehogs, these will have your visiting hedgehogs coming back for more! This special bundle pack includes two food/water bowls, a large bag of crunchy dry food, a tin of meaty wet food and meadow hay for use as nest material.

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Fresh Meadow Hay
This type of high-quality hay smells fresh and will make shelters nice and warm. It's ideal for hedgehogs to snugly nest and overwinter in and will attract them to your hedgehog house! 

Food & Water Bowls
Perfect for hedgehogs of all sizes, these bowls are sturdy and tough for all weather conditions. Leave in a quiet area of the garden and fill with high-quality food to attract in hedgehogs every evening. Always ensure that there is a fresh supply of water available. 

Hedgehog Food
We've included excellent quality hedgehog food from Brambles. This pack includes one tin of meaty wet food and a 900-gram bag of dry crunchy food.