Eco-Friendly Premium Bird Seed Feeder

Eco-Friendly Premium Bird Seed Feeder


Product Code: BBSEEDFEED

This 4-port bird seed feeder is ideal for gardens with plenty of birds looking for food. Unlike other bird feeders, this one is plastic-free and uses a high-quality, all-metal construction to provide maximum protection from squirrel damage. And what’s more, you can release the whole base of the feeder to make your regular cleans so much easier. The lid has been designed to further keep clever squirrels out with a locking mechanism.

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Plastic-free, all-metal construction
Using high-quality stainless steel this feeder both looks attractive and will stand the test of time against squirrels and weathering!

The all-metal construction provides maximum protection from squirrels. Additionally, the clever locking mechanism on the roof prevents squirrels from easily accessing the food inside.

Every port has its own landing perch allowing you to watch a number of birds using this feeder at the same time.

Large roof
Generous rain shelter roof protects the feeder from the worst of the rain!

Stainless steel fine mesh
A plastic-free mesh surrounds the seed to secure it in the feeder.

Black powder-coated steel body
Strong construction that will last much longer than cheaper feeders.

Seed catch tray
Any spilt seed is caught in the tray around the base of the feeder.

Quick-release dispenser base
To enable easy cleaning to maintain good hygiene.