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Supporting Wildstream TV

Supporting Wildstream TV

We have teamed up with Wildstream TV, who have embarked on an exciting adventure creating online films of wildlife up close using remote IP cameras. Wildstream TV was founded in 2017 by filmmakers, Philip Dalton and S-J Cooper-White, who share a mutual love for the observation of wildlife. Since then films depicting a variety of wildlife from otters to owls have been posted online for all to see. This has included a fascinating view of the much-loved Kingfisher diving for fish from its perch and a shocking moment when two pigeons invade a barn owl pair’s nest box.

Green Feathers have been supporting Wildstream TV during their fledging by providing them with our IP camera technology and expertise. This has required specific solutions to capturing wildlife in their natural habitat, without disturbing them, as they go about their daily routines. Particular attention is needed in capturing the best angles of the wildlife, which has even featured using an underwater camera (more on this is coming soon).

It can be a challenging task to capture the right footage of wild animals as unlike film stars they don’t follow stage directions. Says S-J:

“It’s quite a simple equation with wildlife filming; the more angles we have, the better the edit will be […] these otters are slippery customers!”

Our support of this project is ongoing as the Wildstream TV team look to place more cameras to gather more wide-ranging footage.

You can find out more and see all the latest episodes online on Wildstream TV’s website:

You can also follow Wildstream TV on Twitter and Instagram.

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