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Bird of the Month – Blackbird

Bird of the Month – Blackbird


Blackbird – Turdus Merula 
Length: 25cm 
Wingspan: 34-39cm 
Weight: 80-100g 
Average Lifespan: 3 years 

How to spot them: The males are the stereotypical looking Blackbird; however, the females are counterintuitively brown with various spots and lines on their breast area. The light orange coloured beak combined with the black feathers, makes male Blackbirds extremely easy to distinguish from other birds. 

The Common Blackbird is part of the Thrush family and has an estimated UK population of around 10-15 million. 

female blackbird


What to feed them: These guys are not particularly fussy with what they eat, they love all of the following: 

  • Insects 
  • Grubs 
  • Fruits 
  • Berries 
  • Seeds 
  • Grains 

Scattering the above foods around the ground or on a feeding table near the blackbird's nest would certainly make it easier for them to feed, particularly when food sources are scarcer. 

 blackbird feeding on berries

Nesting: The female Blackbirds like to nest in trees, hedges, shrubs, and climbers, anywhere in the garden with suitable cover. Their nesting season normally falls between March and July.

blackbird feeding its chicks in the nest  

Fledging: Blackbird chicks are normally ready to fledge after 2 weeks, however they have been known to be as young as 9 days old when forced to fledge early, they tend to stay grounded and take cover until flight is physically possible. 

 blackbird stood on grass

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