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How To Mount A Bat Box

How To Mount A Bat Box

Bat Box Mounting Guide

Just like all flying creatures, figuring out all the puzzles that come with their box can be a head-scratching process. So we've put together this little help piece to guide you through the process. We'll be covering both where you ideally want your box to be hung along with what to do during the actual mounting process.

What's The Best Location For My Bat Box?

Assuming you're like most people, who choose to attach their bat box to their own actual home, you'll want to keep a couple things in mind. You'll want your bat box to be mounted at least 10 feet minimum above the ground, with 12-20 being the real sweet spot. 

You'll want to choose a location that is fairly sunny on the East or South facing side of your house. Whilst you'll want them to be receiving around 7 hours of direct sunlight, be sure not to mount the box near artificial bright lights such as security lighting. You may want to avoid hanging it above windows or a door, unless bat poop smells appealing (it most definitely doesn't).

Bats are more likely to drop by if your box is located near a forest or water edge, due to their flight habits. We'd still recommend they be placed at least 20 feet from nearby tree branches. 

How To Mount Our Bat Box

There are a couple ways you can mount our bat box. A simple solution is simply screwing into a wall and hanging the box onto the screw. We do however include mounting brackets with our box, fairly straight forward to use.  

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