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Handmade Wooden Hedgehog Box

De Luxe Handmade Wooden Hedgehog Box

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Whilst we spend most of our time here talking about our feathered friends, we know that they're not the only things people use our cameras to watch. We've had customers keep an eye on everything from badgers to bees. One of the most popular, though, are hedgehogs. Wild populations are declining in the UK, so setting up a hedgehog box to help feed and protect them is great way to help out.

Because of this, we've teamed up with the artisans at Riverside Woodcraft to put together this custom designed box, ideal for any grassy garden. Don't forget that you can add a camera as well!

Box Features

Wooden Hedgehog Box
Handmade sturdy wooden box, designed specifically for providing a habitat for wild hedgehogs

Weather Resistant
Constructed from specially treated timber, designed to be exposed to the elements 24/7 without rotting

Separate Rooms
Box is divided into different "rooms", helping hold warmth, and preventing predators such as foxes from reaching in a getting to the sleeping hogs. The second door also provides an emergency exit in case they need to scarper

FSC Certified
Made from sustainably sourced FSC Mix timber

Recycled Plastic Roof
Hinged roof and floor panels are made from completely waterproof recycled plastic board

21mm Thick Panelling
Significantly thicker than most wildlife habitats, providing extra durability