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Daytime LED Lamp for Bird Boxes and Hedgehog Homes
Daytime LED Lamp for Bird Boxes and Hedgehog Homes
Daytime LED Lamp for Bird Boxes and Hedgehog Homes
Daytime LED Lamp for Bird Boxes and Hedgehog Homes

Daytime LED Lamp for Bird Boxes and Hedgehog Homes

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Have a 12-volt camera? Choose No power supply in the menu above. If you have a camera of another voltage choose 12V DC.

If you want to make sure you get the best view of the little critters in your bird box or hedgehog house, make sure to add a daytime LED light. 

Our popular wildlife cameras are already capable of capturing amazing close-up views of the animals, but there is a chance that the box itself is just naturally a bit dark inside. Our cameras can get past this thanks to the built-in night vision but this produces black and white images. If you want to see the full, colourful detail of the baby birds’ growing feathers or the spikes of your huddled hedgehog, for example, we recommend shedding some extra light in the box with an additional daytime lamp. 

This lamp provides just enough illumination for the camera to capture colour daytime images without having to switch to night vision. Importantly, it has a built-in photometer, which switches of the light when outdoor light levels drop. This means the light is off at nighttime, so it won't disturb the sleep cycles of your nesting animals.

Using this lamp is much better than making a hole or window in the habitat, as that could expose the animals far too much and can cause overheating. Whereas the animals won’t even notice the tiny lamp, as it only comes on during the day when it is already daylight outside and it is natural for birds and hedgehogs to see light.

Our daylight LED lamp is designed to be fitted inside our wildlife habitats, such as all the bird boxes and hedgehog houses. One lamp will be more than enough to provide sufficient lighting for colourful, pin-sharp recordings.


LED Lamp
Small lamp providing subtle light, purpose-built to be installed inside of a bird or hedgehog box

Improves Camera Footage
Allows wildlife box cameras to record without using night vision, improving image quality and colour recording

Safe for Birds and Hedgehogs
As it uses energy-efficient LEDs, the tiny lamp will not disturb nesting birds or hedgies

Daylight White
Uses true white LEDs providing accurate natural daylight colour balance

Night Time Cut-Off
The built-in photometer automatically switches the light off when ambient light levels drop. This turns off the LEDs at night, so it won't disturb the sleep cycle of the chicks or hoglets

In-Line Power
Includes an optional 12-volt power supply or can be used in-line with our 12-volt cameras. Just connect it in between the camera and power supply. For cameras of other voltages, you will need to run a separate power supply (power cable extension cables are available from the drop-down menu).

Please note: it is highly important to install the lamp during the setup of the box and camera, not after when the animals are already settled in. Disturbing a nest will most likely cause the parents to abandon the nest.

Tech Specs

Day/Night: Automatic Switching (Day on, Night off)
Power Input: 12V DC
Power Input Jack: 2.1mm x 5.0mm
Power Consumption: 40mA
Illumination: 1300 Lumens
Rated Life: 50,000 Hours
Light Source: 3x High brightness LEDs
Colour Temperature: 6000-6500k (Daylight)
Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Material: PC, Aluminium
Operational Temperature: -20°c to +60°c
Approx. Dimensions: 90mm x 18mm x 10mm (LxHxD)
Cable Length: 52cm

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