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This large, clear plastic bird feeder easily attaches to the outside of a window using heavy-duty suction cups. It allows an intimately close view of birds - once filled with seed or other dry food, it can attract them to feed right on the other side of your window. It’s a great value way to get the whole family interested in the wildlife right in your garden.

Tips for installing the window feeder:

  • If possible, place the feeder next to an existing source of food for a few days, then move the feeder incrementally closer to the window each day. This will get the birds acclimatised to the feeder, and encourage them to visit
  • Try and place it on a window with some cover nearby, such as bushes or branches. Birds often like to dart in and out when feeding
  • Place some decals on the window on either side of the feeder. This should prevent the birds from accidentally flying into the glass
See our blog – The Dos and Don'ts of Feeding Birds

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Watch Through a Window
Looking to set up a bird feeder camera without the hassle of running cables outside? Simple – just set up one of our bird box cameras on the other side of the glass

Clear Plastic Design
Helps the birds see the food on display, and helps you see when it needs to be topped up

Heavy Duty Suction Cups
Easily attaches to any clean window glass

Wide Opening
Allows most species of bird to access the feed

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