WiFi Bird Box Camera (3rd Gen)


WiFi Bird Box Camera (3rd Gen)

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Our bird box camera with WiFi connection is our most popular camera for bringing nature indoors. Using the Green Feathers official app you can watch nesting birds on your smartphone or tablet in HD.

It’s straightforward to set up: simply connect up the power, mount the camera in your bird box and connect to your WiFi network. You can stream the camera live on your device, watch pre-recorded footage, and share the best bits with friends and family.

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WiFi Connectivity
We developed the first bird box camera on the market with built-in WiFi, so you can install the camera in a bird box without running a network cable back to your house.

Watch on Your Smartphone & Tablet
Using our official Green Feathers app, you can watch live or recorded footage of nesting birds using an iOS or Android device.

HD Video
Records pin-sharp, high-quality images in 1080p HD.

Simple Setup
Connects directly to your mobile or tablet during setup so it’s simple to get up and running. Voice prompts from the camera helps you get connected quicker!

Night Vision
Invisible infrared LEDs emit no glow and keep recording in dark bird boxes without disturbing the birds.

Tiny Size
The compact size of the camera leaves plenty of space for nesting birds and won’t disturb any residents.

Wide-Angle Lens
With a 2.8mm lens, the camera has a huge field of view. It’s designed for use in enclosed spaces which means the entire inside of your bird box fits in the frame.

Hear every cheep and ruffle thanks to the in-built microphone picking up every little sound from the nest.

True-To-Life Colour
During daylight hours footage is recorded in vibrant, clear colour.

MicroSD Card Recording
The built-in memory card slot is an easy way to record footage. Compatible with cards up to 128GB (not included).

Add Extra Cameras Into App
You can add as many of our HD cameras to the app as you like. The only limitation is your network speed! Please note that the Green Feathers app is compatible with 3rd Gen cameras only.

Stream online
You can stream the camera online, with a bit of setup, to services such as YouTube to share the action with everyone!

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Karen H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Brilliant , don’t just use this as a bird box camera, it’s amazing as a bird feeder camera, night camera etc. Move it and utilise it

Green Feathers

Hi Karen, Thank you for your order. It's great to hear that you've found multiple uses for the camera! Kind Regards, Green Feathers

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Great camera but a few flaws that need sorting out

We have two of these cameras installed in our swift nest boxes, and they produce good quality video and have generally been very reliable. Overall we have been very pleased with them, but there have been a few niggles. The motion alerts work well in the app, but for some rather odd reason the alert message recently changed from " has detected movement" to " You've got visitors". This happened on one of our cameras (firmware V2.3.45) but not the other (firmware V2.3.44). It may seem petty, but "you've got visitors" is somewhat clunky when the alert is due to the birds moving around in the nest box having been in there asleep all night! When I asked GF support how I change the message back to the generic message, they were rather dismissive of my concerns. The Replay function is very useful but badly needs a function to skip forwards or backwards. Currently the app shows a timeline along the bottom of the display, which you drag left or right to change the replay time. It is really difficult to move forward a few seconds or minutes, especially when viewing on a mobile, where the timeline shows intervals of 10 minutes. If you use the app on a tablet and hold the tablet in landscape mode the timeline shows 1 minute intervals, which is somewhat easier to navigate. However, the skip forward/backward function seems a surprising omission for what is a modified IP security camera. It would be great to be able to set the camera to always use IR mode. The picture is great when the camera is in low light (black & white) mode, but the camera switches to daylight mode when it thinks there is sufficient light. That's fine, but in our swift nest boxes this means that the nest is now in darkness, as the daylight coming through the entrance hole isn't sufficient to illuminate the nest at the other end of the nest box. It would be very useful to be able to adjust the daylight level threshold or even suppress daylight mode altogether. At the end of the breeding season I'll tilt the camera so the entrance hole isn't in view and see whether this makes a difference. The video from one of our camera is now stuttering, i.e. pausing for 1-3 seconds before catching up again. I've had to change the camera from HD to SD to resolve this - yet it's been working fine for several months. (Have raised a ticket with GF support, and I'm not sure whether it's a fault with the camera or another issue.)

Green Feathers

Hi Mike, thank you very much for your thoughtful feedback. We will be making many improvements to the app in the near future as we continue to develop it and many things you have mentioned here are known issues that we are fixing. In any case, I have passed on your points to the product team in full. Thank you for sharing this feedback, which is invaluable in helping us improve!

Barry J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Satisfied customer

As with all my previous purchases, this one was another great product and help there if needed.

Ray A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Works very well

Very Compact with good quality images. I purchased the internal LED Lamp but didn't need it in the end. I have accessed it from a Raspberry PI in order to convert the native RTSP stream into RTMP (using ffmpeg) and then Stream it out 24x7 using NGINX. Very reliable, cannot wait until Spring.

arthur m.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
bird cam

very good had to adjust camera position up a little. a bit tricky to get wifi to camara but it is outside of my garden a long way. now really good picture send me some birds thanks