In our video, Lee shows you more about how the kit works.

Find out how to make the most of your bird box camera.

Wireless Bird Box Camera

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Our best-selling wireless bird box camera allows you to watch wildlife on your TV without having to run a video cable from the bird box. This tiny no-glow camera fits snuggly inside your bird nesting box to provide live images of the resident birds without disturbing them.

Get amazing daytime colour images
In the dark, the camera's night vision mode ensures 24/7 vision but it produces black-and-white images. To ensure you get the best colour images in the day use one of our daylight LED lamps available from the drop-down menu above. The lamp switches off at night so that it doesn't disturb the nesting birds.

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In our video, Lee shows you more about how the kit works.

Find out how to make the most of your bird box camera.

Specially Designed Bird Box Camera
This camera has been built from the ground up, specifically to capture happenings inside bird boxes and other types of wildlife habitats.

Robust 700 TV Line Video
Our improved imaging sensor records footage at the highest resolution of any wireless bird box camera on the market, so you can see the details on the feathers or the sparkle in the birds’ eyes. 

Up to 30m Wireless Range
Install the camera in your garden and use the included receiver to pick up video without the need for extra video cables. Just connect the camera to a power source (via 1 cable) and you're ready to go! Please note that solid obstructions such as walls, trees and windows will significantly reduce range.

Wireless Channel Selector
Physical switches allow you to change which wireless channel the camera broadcasts on. This lets you quickly adjust your system if you encounter any signal interference.

Wide-Angle Lens
Designed for use in enclosed spaces, the camera features a 2.8mm lens. This gives a huge field-of-view and helps ensure you get the entire inside of the box in the frame.

Night Vision
Invisible infrared LEDs provide night vision without giving off a red glow that might otherwise disturb the birds.

Tiny Size
The camera is small enough to fit into almost any garden bird box!

Easy to Watch
To view live footage, simply connect the receiver to a TV or monitor using the included cable. This gives you a simple way to watch wildlife in the comfort of your living room.

Adjustable Focus
The lens can be manually focussed, so you can fine-tune the picture.

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Easy set up in hedgehog house

Easy set up in hedgehog house, a little interference so raised the receiver which helped, pitty there is no sound but picture quality is good

Amazing pictures

Setting up the box was remarkably easy, although made easier by removing the bracket to screw it to the box and easy-to-follow instructions. The focus adjustment is also easy, resulting in a sharp picture, despite the transmission having to ********* a wall and the receiver being located next to the TV and wi-fi kit. Within a couple of days we found a great *** taking up overnight accommodation which has generated such a fascination that we are up at dawn to try to see it depart. If it opts to nest, I foresee hours of committed observation and a delight for the grandchildren for whom it is educational. Well done on a wonderful piece of technology at an amazingly low price.

Green Feathers

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The camera is brilliant and tiny

The camera is brilliant and tiny. It can fit in a very small space. Note that it has to be removed from its bracket with tiny screws before the bracket can be ******* to the nest box. The image quality is excellent, make sure you adjust the focus. I had hoped for little stronger signal. It can work through a window but it does not seem to work through a concrete wall. It this moment I have a connection through a window with the nest box about 12-15m away but it seems to be about the max range. Also be aware of that you are likely to experience interferences if you have a WiFi router near the receptor.