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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023: Our Favourites

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023: Our Favourites

Wildlife? Cameras? You've got our attention! The Wildlife Photographer of the Year has begun releasing entries ahead of their upcoming exhibition. 2023 saw almost 50,000 photos from 95 countries being judged in this years edition. So let's have a look at some of our personal favourites of the ones released so far shall we?

Mason Bee At Work

Mason Bee building its nest

© Solvin Zankl


This image captured by Zankl shows a two-coloured Mason Bee in the process of building its nest. A neat little fact about this insect is how they use snail shells for egg laying. Taking the empty shell, they'll fill it with both pollen and nectar before sealing it with grass and sticky saliva. 

Coot On Ice

Coot walking on ice

© Zhai Zeyu

Zeyu was able to snap this Coot as it traverses a frozen pond in China. Coots are amongst the most widespread birds, with sightings reported across Europe. Asia, northern parts of Africa and even Australia! The reason for this could possibly be that Coots require large areas of open water with nearby cover in order to begin nesting. 

Forest Rodeo

Macaque riding a deer

© Atsuyuki Ohshima

Someone call an Uber? Deep in the forests of Yakushima Island, a Macaque is pictured taking a free ride courtesy of a wandering Deer. Surprisingly, this isn't unheard of in this part of the world. Male Macaques have actually been spotted clinging to female deer, in hopes of mating. This one captured is female however, so she's clearly just lounging back and enjoying the scenic journey. 

Death In Waiting

Stargazer Fish peering through a sandy floor

© Pietro Formis

No longer fancy a dip in the pool? Formis was fortunate to just get close enough to this Mediterranean Stargazer as it waited to ambush it prey. The Stargazer hides itself amongst the sand so only its eyes and teeth are left visible, so unsuspecting small fish and invertebrates come straight into the chomp zone.

Well that's it for our top picks of the entries released to the public thus far. Keep reading if you're interested in finding out what we do over at Green Feathers! 

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