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How to Watch Feeding Birds

How to Watch Feeding Birds

Feeding birds is one of the most rewarding ways that you can spend time in your garden. But there comes a time where you wish you could see the birds a little closer - without scaring them off! 

Here's how you can watch feeding birds and how to attract them. We've got some great tips to bring more birds, and enjoy an excellent bird watching experience. 

Once you have set your garden feast up for the birds, our new bird feeder camera kit showcased in the video above is the perfect tool to watch feeding birds in your garden, from the comfort of your sofa, up close on your tv screen!

You can also install a nest box camera if you want to up close footage of nestlings being fed or try a carefully situated bird box camera.

What do I need to feed the birds in my garden?

It is essential that the birds have somewhere to eat the food from. At least one bird feeder in your garden will help to give the birds somewhere to go. Spend some time researching the type of birds that are native to your area; this will give you an idea of the best kind of bird feeders for them to use. 

Quick Tips:

  • Nyjer feeders look like tube feeders. However, they dispense nyjer seeds and are perfect for goldfinches (not many birds eat this type of seed). 
  • Tube feeders are the more common type of bird feeder. They have one or more holes in the body to let birds get to the food. They are easy to hang and can fit in most gardens. 
  • Hopper feeders have a seed chamber that will keep dropping food to the bottom each time the birds eat. It often has somewhere for the birds to land, as well as some coverage - like a roof. 
  • Platforms and trays are popular for most people and the most types of birds too. This gives the birds room to play and move as they eat, and provides a brilliant watching space. 

Which birdseed should I be buying?

That is a great question. Just like humans, can be fussy little things, they need a specific diet, and they certainly have their preferences too. 

You also have to pay close attention to the levels in your bird feeder too. 

It is vital that you pay attention to what is in the bird food that you buy. Although you might find an excellent price for a bulk buy, you might be saddened to see that it attracts no birds!

Why is that? Well, it is because some of the cheaper bird seed and feed has added ingredients to bulk the weight of the bag, but very little that the bird will want to eat. 

Here is what you should be totally avoiding:

  • Oats
  • Canary seed 
  • Wheat and grains
  • Milo
  • Sorghum

Most birds don’t eat these, and they often make up the largest percentage of cheap bird seed mixes. 

Here is what you should be ensuring is in the birdseed:

  • Sunflower 
  • Peanuts
  • Corn
  • Millet
  • Nyjer
  • Safflower

How else can I attract birds to my garden?

After you have taken the time to get the right bird food, and you have a sturdy and squirrel free bird feeder pole fitted. You might be ready to take it up a notch. 

Add a large birdbath or a space that you can place freshwater. After all, everyone on the planet needs water! 

TIP: Your new birdbath will need to be cleaned every few days. When it attracts birds, it can get pretty mucky quickly. When you buy your birdbath, get a sturdy scrubbing brush to help you clean it well. 

Squirrels arrive, scare birds, steal food, and can be a real nuisance. Although they too can be fun to watch, it won’t take long before birds will stop coming at all. A squirrel-proof feeder or a baffle are the best ways to tackle this issue. 

Multiple birds, multiple… muck. It is important that you have scheduled time for maintaining your birdfeeders. You will notice over time that the smell in the area can be a little unpleasant. So for the sake of brilliant bird watching and the health of the birds - clean it regularly. 

A huge tip for saving cash, and giving high-quality food is to look for no-waste bird food. This will have no shells or husks taking up space. It usually costs more, but it is much higher quality too. Everything in these packets will be eaten.

Where should I put my bird feeding station?

The placement of your bird feeding station will either bring more birds or thwart your chances. It can help to watch where birds naturally gather and play in your garden. 

It should also be somewhere that you and others don’t go often, this gives the birds plenty of time to learn to trust the area, and to feed and bathe undisturbed. Giving you the best viewing possible. 

From time to time, your visitors will need to make a quick getaway. Unfortunately, during this escape, they can fly into windows and walls. 

If you place your birdhouse either at the end of the garden or relatively close to that house, you minimise the birds’ risk of an accident. The shorter distance doesn’t allow them to take off at speed and means they need to pay more attention, and the further the distance, the more room gives them for a high-velocity escape.

Placing the birdbath and feeders close to trees, fences, and other shrubs will give them space to hide and come out to play when they are ready to. Shrubs and trees will also provide the birds with some shade and being out of direct sunlight.

If you use suet or nectar, keeping them out of the direct sun will stop them from melting. 

And finally, one of the most important things is to store your food safely. Seeds and bird food are prone to getting damp, so proper storage is critical. A large metal bin style storage is one of the best things to do. 

This will also help to prevent mice and other pests being attracted to the food. 

Carefully plan your bird feeding station and birdbath so that you can see everything from your window, but is also safe and secure for your birds too. Consider how easy the feeders are to clean and the material they are created from

We hope you found this blog post helpful! Do let us know if you put any of the tips in to use. 

We'd love to know what bird visitors you have so please do get in touch on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!
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