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Bird of the Month - Starling

Bird of the Month - Starling

Welcome to the Bird of the Month series, where we learn about fascinating birds that live in our world. In this edition, we're excited to introduce the Starling as July's featured bird. The starling has beautiful colours, can make incredible sounds, and does amazing things when they fly together. Let's explore more about this special bird!

Common Starling

The Starling: A Colourful Beauty

The starling is a medium-sized bird that lives in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. Their feathers are shiny and can change colours, like a kaleidoscope! Sometimes they look purple, blue, or even green. When the sunlight hits their feathers, they shine in different ways, making them a truly beautiful sight to see.

Where Starlings Live

Starlings can live in many different places, like forests, parks, farms, and even in cities. They love being together, so you might see lots of starlings flying and hanging out in big groups. When they all fly together, it's called a "murmuration," and it looks like they are dancing in the sky!

Flying Skills and Tricks

Starlings are amazing flyers. They can twist and turn in the air, making stunning patterns with their flock. When they fly together in a murmuration, it's like they're putting on a show for everyone watching. They can fly very fast and make sudden changes in direction. It's like they're doing acrobatics in the sky!

Starling Bird

Singing and Talking

Starlings are known for their wonderful songs. They can make different sounds, like whistles, chirps, trills, and warbles. They can even copy the sounds they hear around them, like other birds or even car alarms! It's like they're having a conversation with their songs.

Helping Nature

Starlings are helpful to the environment. They eat insects that might bother plants and crops. This makes them like little pest control superheroes! They also provide homes for other birds by making nests in tree holes or buildings. When they're done with their nests, other birds can move in and make it their home.

Taking Care of Starlings

Even though starlings are doing well right now, it's important to remember to take care of them and their habitats. We can help by not destroying their homes and providing safe places for them to build nests. We can also learn more about starlings and share that knowledge with others to help protect these special birds.

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