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5 Inch Mini LCD Monitor with Suction Mount

5 Inch Mini LCD Monitor with Suction Mount

Product Code: LCDMON5GB

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This mini monitor is a easy way to view live footage from our SD bird box cameras.


5" Bird Box Camera Monitor
Compact monitor is ideally suited to watching footage from your SD bird box camera (not compatible with HD IP models)

800x480 Resolution
Displays sharp and clear camera footage

Bright, high contrast screen with full colours

Plug and Play
Uses standard RCA connections, so there's no configuration needed. Perfect if you can't place the wireless receiver near your TV, or if the cables can't reach

Suction and Adhesive Mounts
Quick and easy way to attach the screen to smooth surfaces such as a window or desk


Works with:

Bird box camera with wireless transmission

Wired bird box camera

More Information

This compact 5" mini CCTV monitor is a quick and easy way to view live footage from any of our SD bird box cameras. It's a perfect solution if you are unable to set up a TV near the wireless receiver in your home, or if the cable is too short to run to your TV.

The screen uses a TFT LCD to display a bright, full colour picture at 800x480 resolution. It's really simple to set up, using standard plug-and-play RCA connectors. It has 2 inputs, letting you switch between sources, and even includes suction and adhesive mounts, so you can quickly install it on anything from a window to a desk.

What's Included?

1x 5" CCTV monitor
1x Suction mount
1x Adhesive mount
1x UK mains power supply

Technical Specification

Type: Digital TFT LCD
Display Size: 5’’
Display Scale: 4:3 / 16:9
Power: No more than 3W
Video: AV1 / AV2
Video Format: PAL / NTSC
Contrast: 400:1
Pixel: 480*272 (800*480)
Operating Voltage: DC12V / DC24V
Operating Temperature: -20 to +65c
Storage Temperature: -30 to +80c