Wireless Bird Box Camera with 4-Channel DVR


Product Code: NCDVRGT1TB

Our best-selling wireless bird box camera has long been a firm favourite with nature lovers, letting you easily watch live as birds nest, hatch and fledge, all from the comfort of your living room. Now we have paired our most popular camera with a digital video recorder from Gamut, making it easy to record and archive footage, and even to view your camera remotely on a PC or mobile.

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Bird Box Camera Features

Bird Box Camera
Our best selling camera is designed to fit inside standard bird boxes and houses, perfect for families or schools to watch birds nest and hatch.

Wireless Transmission
Camera transmits video to the included receiver from up to 50m away in direct line of sight, so all you need to connect it is a power supply. Please note, solid obstructions such as walls will reduce this range. Check this guide for more information.

Wide Angle Lens
Uses a 2.8mm lens, letting the camera fit everything inside the cramped box into the shot.

Invisible IR LEDs
Night vision allows the camera to keep recording in the unlit box at all hours. It even uses invisible infrared, so there won't be any distracting red glow for the chicks.

Wireless Channel Selector
The camera and receiver both have switches to select any one of 4 wireless channels, providing an easy way of adjusting the frequency if the camera experiences interference.

Recorder Features

Gamut recorder
CCTV recorder is part of the Gamut range, offering great value home surveillance solutions with excellent performance.

Digital Video Recorder
Provides a simple way to record and store footage, creating a large library of clips of your birds.

1TB Hard Drive
We've preinstalled a surveillance-grade hard drive with 1 terabyte capacity for plenty of storage to record the camera's video.

Automated Recording
Features fully adjustable motion detection and scheduling modes, so you can only record footage if something is happening!

4 Video Channels
Easily expand your system by adding up to 3 additional cameras to the recorder, and viewing them all on a split-screen.

HDMI & VGA Output
Easily watch your camera on any standard TV or monitor.

Remote Access
Connect DVR to your router to allow viewing live & recorded footage from anywhere using a PC or mobile device.

Gamut's remote access is reasonably simple to get configured, however, we understand that many customers prefer not to adjust router & network settings by themselves. Because of this, we also offer a complete remote setup service, where one of our team get it all up and running for you, and provides ongoing support. See here for more details.