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Our best-selling wireless bird box camera allows you to watch wildlife on your TV without having to run a video cable from the bird box.


Lee shows you how the kit works


Robust Video

Our improved imaging sensor records footage at the highest resolution of any wireless bird box camera on the market.

Wireless Transmission

Install the camera in your garden and use the included receiver to pick up both audio and video without the need for video cables. Just connect the camera to a power source and you're ready to go!

Up to 30 Metre Range
The camera has a theoretical transmission range of up to 30 metres in clear line-of-sight but this will be reduced by solid obstructions such as trees, walls and windows.

Wireless Channel Selector

Physical switches allow you to change which wireless channel the camera broadcasts on. This lets you quickly adjust your system if you encounter interference.

Wide-angle Lens

Designed for use in enclosed spaces the camera features a 2.8mm lens. This gives a huge field-of-view and helps ensure you get the entire inside of the box in the frame.

Night Vision

Invisible infra-red LEDs provide night vision without giving off a red glow that might otherwise disturb the birds.

Compact Size

Fits into almost any bird box

Easy to watch

To view live footage simply connect the receiver to a TV or monitor using the included cable. This gives you a simple way to watch wildlife in the comfort of your living room.

Adjustable focus

The lens can be manually focussed allowing you to fine tune the picture.

More information

Measuring just 42 x 35 x 35mm this small wireless bird box camera screws neatly inside a nest box without disturbing the birds nesting inside. The camera can connect wirelessly to the receiver which can be connected to a TV or a separate recorder making it convenient for you to enjoy the nesting birds from the comfort of your home.

The camera may be small but it boasts some impressive features including 700 TV Lines high image quality so you can see every feather, much more detail than most nest box cameras available. The 2.8mm wide angle lens gives you full coverage of inside the nest box so you can usually see the entrance hole and the bottom of the bird box. This way you won't miss any of the action as your garden birds go about their business.

Night vision is provided by invisible infra-red LEDs on the front of the camera and are just right for seeing in a small space in dark conditions. As the LEDs produce invisible light they do not disturb the birds. This way you can get footage around-the-clock of your nesting birds.

What's included

  • 1x Bird Box Camera
  • 2x UK mains power supplies
  • 1x Wireless Receiver with antenna
  • 1x AV cable
  • Set-up instructions
  • Gift Box

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