Cable Connection Bird Box Camera Starter Pack

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Turn on your TV and leap into birdwatching with our classic wired bird box camera. Mount this tiny but powerful window to the wild in the included handmade wooden nestbox and enjoy true-to-life colour images of true-to-life birds!

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Complete Bird Box Camera Kit

Includes everything you need to set up a camera bird box, providing an easy way to watch birds nest and grow in your garden

Watch on your TV

To view live footage, simply connect to your TV using the included cable. This gives you a simple way to watch wildlife in the comfort of your living room.

Handmade Wooden Bird Box

Handmade by our UK-based artisan workshop, the birdhouse is built from sturdy 21mm thick panels using wood from sustainable sources.

Nest Box Designed for Cameras

Features a simple central mounting point, and air vents to let you easily run the cables into the box

Green Feathers Camera

This kit uses our popular wired camera, providing simple installation and a reliable connection

Night Vision

Uses invisible infrared LEDs to see inside the unlit box, without any visible glow that could distract the chicks

Wide Angle Lens

The wide-angle lens is ideal for use in small spaces such as bird boxes to get a better view of what is happening!

20m Cable

The included cable carries both power to the box and video back to your TV

HDMI Adapter

We've also included an adapter to let you easily connect the AV cable to HD TVs and monitors (HDMI cable not included). This is also powered directly from your TV using USB for ease of use 

Day or night, our classic wired bird box camera is the simplest way to get going with wildlife watching in your garden. It now has an improved IR filter complete with infrared cut. In other words, you’ll see top quality, true-to-life colour images.

Pop it in your bird box and the included 3-way cable will transmit all the feathered frolicking to your TV. (Do birds use cutlery at home? If they ever learn, this window to the wild will show you!) Speaking of bird boxes, the handmade wooden one we’ve included has been purpose-built to fit the camera.

Does your TV frown at 3-way cables? We’re impressed it has eyebrows if so. In case it does, we’ve also included an RCA to HDMI converter so you can connect with a universal HDMI connection.

Try adding an LED lamp to your nesting box for even clearer daytime images.



Resolution:700 TV Lines

Image form:JPEG

Image pixels:512 x 582

Video form:AVI

Minimum illumination:1 Lux

Lens:Super Wide 2.8mm

White balance:Auto

S/N ratio:>48dB(AGC Off)

Backlight compensation:Auto

Electronic shutter:1/50(1/60)-1/100,000 seconds

Operation temperature:-20 to 50 degrees Celsius

Power Supply:DC 8V 500mA 

HDMI AdapterVideo Input:1x Composite RCA

Power Input:USB

Output:1x HDMI

Video Mode:PAL, NTSC

HDMI Output:1080p/60Hz, 720p/60Hz



  • Bird Box Camera
  • Wooden Bird Box
  • 20m AV And Power Cable
  • RCA To HDMI Adaptor
  • Quick Start Guide

Our easiest camera to setup. Simply mount the camera in your ideal spot then connect to your TV using the cable provided.

Wired TV Camera FAQs

Please read our frequently asked questions to find out information on generic queries.

How does my camera connect?

Your camera will connect to your TV using composite connections which is red, white and yellow RCA connectors. If you have a newer TV which doesn't have these connectors, we sell an AV to HDMI adaptor.

Does the camera include night vision?

Yes, the camera uses invisible infrared LEDs which emit no glow and keep recording in dark bird boxes without disturbing the birds. In the dark the camera’s night vision mode ensures 24/7 vision but it produces black and white images.

How is the camera powered?

The camera uses a 12V power supply which is supplied in the box, compared to our previous camera this allows you to run an extension lead over greater distances without power loss.

Do I need to protect the cables?

We recommend covering the connections to help avoid moisture getting in to them, whether this be using a waterproof enclosure or something more simple like some old garden hose or electrical tape around the connectors.

I'm not getting a clear image?

Once you have the camera installed in a bird box you can focus the lens by twisting it, we recommend doing this before putting everything up in position so you’re not trying to adjust it while its up a tree. If you have one of our water proof cameras the lens is fixed in position, we have this pre-set to give you a clear image in most bird boxes.

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We're passionate about bridging the gap between you and the enchanting universe of bird life. Our commitment lies in delivering the intricate wonders and vibrant beauty of avian life right to your living room. Experience this thrilling spectacle through our innovative bird box cameras, designed to provide an intimate view into the world of these feathered marvels.

From observing heartwarming nesting rituals to marvelling at the nurturing of the next generation of fledglings, these cameras bring the magic of bird watching into your home. So why wait? Embark on your exclusive journey into the realm of birds with Green Feathers today.