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Bat Roosting Box
Bat Roosting Box
Bat Roosting Box
Bat Roosting Box

Bat Roosting Box

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You can now help bats find a home and get a safe day’s sleep. Why help? Because they’re awesome, but also because bats are endangered, struggling to survive and are in dire need of our help. Check out these amazing bat roosting boxes, specially designed for sleepy bats!


Thick Panels
The wooden panels are a sturdy 21mm thick. Can’t easily karate-chop through that.

Removable Front Panel
You can unscrew the front panel, should you ever want to clean it. If the bats are out, of course! 

FSC Certified 
Made only from FSC Mix timber, from sustainable sources

Untreated Wood 
The wood is untreated as bats are delicate critters. In time, the wood will also rot naturally bats like their shelters nice and soggy. But this quality wood will still last for many years! 

Narrow Opening 
The box has a narrow opening at the bottom, ideal for bats to get in, and out of reach for predators

Made in the UK 
Handmade in Riverside Woodcraft's UK workshop

More Information

  1. Because they’re awesome

They hang upside-down, are well cute, look like they’re having a dance bat-tle when you view them topsy-turvy, have some swell sonar skills, and are, we’ll have you know, hugely important for our ecosystem. They are the biggest national predator on pests and parasites like mosquitoes, for one. 

  1. Because they are endangered and need our help

Bat populations are in serious decline, struggling to survive. There are fewer and fewer spaces for them to nest and roost (sleep) in. Mostly caused by humans of course. Some of the main causes: 

Just like birds, hedgehogs, bees, badgers, and all the other beautiful critters we have the honour to share this paradise planet with, bats are in dire need of our support as well. Providing bats with a safe haven to roost in during the day will make a world of difference. And you bat-cha, we’re grateful to now become a small part in making that happen. 

Our talented artisan friends at Riverside Woodcraft have created some wonderful bat boxes for them to roost in. And guess what, they’re made out of untreated wood, especially designed for it to rotBats prefer hanging out in rotten wood. It’s a bit soggier then, and they like it that way. So, right off the bat, we made sure their napping lounge will naturally become a tad moist over time. Another benefit is that this way there are no nasty chemicals involved, and bats are delicate creatures. But don’t worry! It’s quality wood and is guaranteed to last many years.

They’re odd-looking things, these bat boxes. But that’s what makes them extra cool. It’s wide at the top, and narrows down towards the bottom, with a small opening below. On the inside is a plank with ridges on which they secure their feet so they can do their hanging business. 

Do take care to hang it far out of reach of cats! Ferocious felines tend to love resting on top of bat boxes and wait for bats to fly in or out to try and catch them. So the best place to hang them is high up, say under the eaves at the top of your house, so you’re sure they won’t be disturbed. 

Also bear in mind that as temperature changes, bats will move around to cooler nesting sites, so if you're hanging boxes around a tree, for example, it is best to place three boxes together in a circle around a tree trunk. Again, make sure to mount them about 5 metres high and away from any obstacles like low branches which may damage their wings when entering the box.

What's Included?

  • 1x Bat roosting box
  • 2x Metal mounting brackets
  • 4x Mounting screws to attach to the box (add your own additional screws depending on the thickness of the wall/fence/tree you wish to mount it on)

Tech Specs

Wood Thickness: 21mm
Entrance Hole: 21mm
Height: 40cm
Width: 14.5cm
Depth: 18cm