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Hedgehog Nesting Material - Meadow Hay Large

Hedgehog Nesting Material - Meadow Hay Large

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Hay Up! 

We now have some lovely comfy hedgehog hay to add to your hedgehomes, so they can make their cribs nice and cosy. 


Fresh Meadow Hay
This type of high-quality hay smells fresh and will make shelters nice and warm. It's ideal for hedgehogs to snugly nest and overwinter in and will attract them to your hedgehog house! 

Ideal Amount
Our box contains 380g of clean, comfy hay, and is the perfect amount needed to fill a large hedgehog home. 

More Information 

This fresh-smelling meadow hay is the ideal material for hedgehogs to nest and overwinter in, and will attract them to your special accommodation quicker. 

The best way to use it? Firstly, place a little in your hedgehog house, and lay some more nearby. Hedgehogs love being interior designers themselves, so they like finding a stash outside too and drag it into their home to make a nest. It does help to have some inside the house already though; everyone likes a little headstart. 

You can buy this large batch of fresh meadow hay on its own, or find it in a bundle offer with some of our other hedgy products such as our hedgehog house, feeding station, or organic specially designed hedgehog food. 

Big hogs to you for helping hedgehogs be extra snug! 

What's in the box

  • 380g of fresh meadow hay 

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