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WiFi Bird Box Camera
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Get up close and personal with hedgehogs

Classic Bird Box Cameras

Watch nesting birds live on your TV or record on your PC. This range includes our popular camera kits gift sets, perfect for wildlife lovers.

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HD Bird Box Cameras

Our latest HD bird box cameras feature cutting-edge video resolutions to ensure you see every feather of your nesting birds.

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Wildlife Cameras

Our wildlife cameras allow you to capture other kinds of wildlife on your property. With battery-powered options you can leaving them running on 'stand-by' mode remotely and they only wake up when they detect movement nearby.

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Wildlife Habitats

Our range of bird boxes and wildlife habitats are handmade in the UK and feature high-quality thick wooden panels ensuring that they will last for years. Our bird boxes are purpose-designed for mounting our cameras with ease.

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Hedgehog Box Cameras

Get up close and personal with hedgehogs in your garden with our HD cameras installed in handmade houses and feeding stations.

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See your garden in a whole new light with our range of wildlife cameras. These make perfect gifts for nature lovers, friends and family alike. Discover the wildlife in your very own garden with our cameras so you can capture birds, hedgehogs and more without harming them or disturbing their habitat. Find out more about us and our story.

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The Hedgehog population in the last 10 years has decreased by a third. So what can we do to help hedgehogs and stop their numbers decreasing? Follow our helpful list in this blog post.

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Bird Box Cameras

Our popular range of bird box cameras allow you to get a unique insight of bird life. By installing our tiny cameras into a bird box you can watch birds nesting in the spring and bringing up the next generation of fledglings into the world. Our latest HD cameras allow you to keep an eye on your feathered visitors remotely on your smartphone or tablet so you don't miss a moment!